How to Meditate

Do you meditate? I will be honest, it’s something I try and do but most days don’t. Even though I know the amazing benefits of meditation for my mind, body and stress levels, it can be tough to be still, quiet AND present for more than 30 seconds. Here’s a great article I found on … More How to Meditate

3 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Just breath. Breathing is an essential part of yoga—so essential that Pranayama—a specific yogic breathing technique—is one of the practice’s key pillars. While we know that the physical practice of yoga can do wonders to calm our minds, it’s often the breathing that accompanies it that really seals the deal. To relieve anxiety and stress, … More 3 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Family Yoga

Today I did Half and Half harder from BOD (20min cardio and 20min yoga). My 4yr old loves joining me when I do yoga. I think it’s the simple stretching, the fun movements and standing on your hands, feet (and maybe head). I recently saw an article on ‘Why Yoga is Good for kids’ and … More Family Yoga