3 Day ‘mini-cleanse’

2016 was probably one of the HEALTHIEST years yet for me! I’m super proud of how I transformed my body from the inside out through healthy nutrition, daily exercise and a STRONG mindset. Now don’t get me wrong, that was NOT easy. Took a lot of practice, failing forward and a great SUPPORT system.

But just like anything you sometimes get off track. Not beating my up over it or feeling guilty. Moving forward with intent. Over the holiday’s between travelling and all the gatherings, my 80/20 rule turned more into 60/40. So to get a jump start on a new year, I did a 3 day mini-cleanse or REFRESH.

Now let me start by saying I was VERY sceptical. I have never been a cleanser. 1- I don’t believe in depriving myself food to lose weight  and 2-never thought I could do it (love food way too much!) So when I purchased this kit to follow, I thought I was a bit crazy but thought I would give it a whirl.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got the kit to see you could eat (quite a bit!) on this cleanse. Loads of fresh veggies, coupe servings of fruit and healthy fats and a nutrient dense vegan protein shake (3 of them a day in fact). But NO coffee and no carbs (grains) scared me (just a little!). Here is a sample of the menu  also comes with a detailed book with an approved list of foods and sample menu plans so you don’t have to think!

Vegan /plant based shakes per day (got a 3 day supply in kit)


The habit of not reaching for my coffee was tough. Over the holidays and travelling, I was drinking 2 or 3 a day! But you were able to swap-out coffee for green tea for one serving (any other teas through-out the day had to be herbal/caffeine-free) Here was my menu for the first day (around 1 -1.5 hour between each meal):

1-2 cups of water first thing

M1 (meal 1) – Shakeology mixed with frozen banana and ice (usually have this post-workout so I was golden so far!)
M2 – Green tea (green tea kombucha blend from Yogi)
M3 – Fiber sweep drink (all plant-based) mixed with one cup of water. OK this was a bit gross but I chugged it down and it was only a cup.
M4 – raw veggies and roasted red pepper (homemade) hummus + Vanilla shake blended with frozen strawberries/peaches/pineapple (came with kit)
M5-1/2 avocado with balsamic drizzle and sautéed broccoli and garlic
Afternoon tea…Starbucks Jade citrus mint
M6-veggie stir-fry with ginger, garlic, lemon, oil + Vanilla shake (blended with water/ice) + 1 cups of organic vegetable broth
Loads of water…aimed for 3 Litres


Woke up with a headache. Hello detox of sugar! But was surprised I wasn’t starving. I did a light workout (yoga) as taught yoga at the gym in the evening and didn’t want to over do it and be a grumpy old troll (not very zen like!)

Sipping green tea. No coffee for 3 days and sorry to say that didn’t stay

M1- Shakeology mixed with frozen banana and ice. 500ML of water first thing!
M2-Green tea from Starbucks
M3-Fiber sweep drink. didn’t taste any better second time around
M4A-Spinach salad with roasted peppers, zucchini, oranges. We were out and took the kids for lunch. I opted for salad sans dressing and picked off most of the cheese.

hubby’s meal (top) and my meal (bottom) the family clean eating struggle is REAL!

M4B-Vanilla shake blended with frozen strawberries/peaches/pineapple/banana (had when got back home)
M5-celery and natural almond butter
M6- veggie stir-fry with ginger, garlic, lemon, oil  (added in broth this time so more of a soup) + Vanilla shake (blended with water/ice) Repeated!
Note: Hubby made the kids dinner. It was not mom approved but if he’s cooking I can’t complain. I had a bite of one of there rolls. Temptation is HARD when it’s in front of you…enough said 


Still a slight headache when woke-up. Increased water. Was surprised I wasn’t eliminating (sorry if TMI) as much as I thought…more water and water

kids with subs and me with plain salad! will-power 101

M1-Shakeology mixed with frozen banana and ice
M2-missed the fiber sweep (totally forgot before headed out with kids) but remembered my green tea 🙂
M3-Veggie salad (subway) sans dressing. Again was caught eating lunch out (don’t eat out much but this school break has gotten us out more for my own sanity!)
M4-Vanilla shake blended with frozen strawberries/peaches/pineapple/banana (had when got back home)
M5-missed as was still full from the salad!
M6-Tomato cucumber salad with oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon added avocado + Vanilla shake (blended with water/ice)

End result. Less bloat and belly blah.Yay! Craved veggies on day 4 for breakfast so feel I reset some habits/cravings from my carby sugary holiday. I didn’t feel starving and had a lot of energy. I totally would do this one again!

If you want more info on this exact plan or to purchase the kit and meal plan guide see ‘3-day Refresh‘ 

Before/After 3 day Refresh

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