Non-traditional Christmas

I heard a great quote the other day… ‘the more we are attached to an outcome, the more we suffer’


Growing up we have always had traditional christmas’; real christmas tree, santa delivering our gifts on the morning of the 25, warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a big turkey dinner with family during the day. Story-book really.

Some of these traditions, naturally, I have passed on to my kids. This year, due to some unfortunate family circumstances we will be out of country during christmas. At first, I was dissapointed that we would not be home nestled in our beds while santa arrived. So I quickly had to think of a plan B (of course I had to put the poll out to friends on how to handle presents when not at home-lol). Being that we will be sleeping in a hotel room on christmas eve and on a flight christmas morning, santa wasn’t about to pay the big bucks to check an extra baggage of gifts.

So we decided to send a letter to our elf on the shelf Sandy and see if she could deliver the presents early with a unique situation…here was her response.


TODAY I had an excited 5 year old (that was up since 3am dressed in her clothes!!!) ready to take on a fun day, actual christmas or not. 

The one thing my kids constantly remind me and that is to be PRESENT. They didn’t care that the time wasn’t ‘perfect’ and the circumstances were ‘different’. They embraced the day and were more than happy all the same. Yes, there are fun traditions and special family memories created on christmas, but if there is one thing about this journey I have learned and that is to be FLEXIBLE. Change feels weird and very uncomfortable but the fact that my kids will be going on an adventure over christmas and spending time with family in a different country is pretty awesome on its own. Being open to what 2017 might bring and not holding onto the outcome.

What non-traditions have you experienced? How are you stronger because of it?

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