Peach and Arugula Salad with Basil Dressing

PEACHES! 🍊 My kids have been going crazy for the local in-season peaches. Here’s one of my fav’ summer-time salad using peaches and basil which are in abundance right nowπŸ‘‡


PEACH and Arugula Salad with BASIL Dressing

1/4 c basil
1 bunch of baby Arugula
3 tbsp EVOO
2 tbsp White wine Vinegar
1 small minced garlic clove
2 ripe peaches cut into thin wedges
1/4 c toasted walnuts
1/4 c blue or goats cheese


1. Puree basil, 1/2 c of arugula, the oil, vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, 2 tbsp water in blender, scraping sides down once or twice until smooth. Place remaining arugula in large bowl; drizzle with dressing to coat.
2. Transfer to bowl and add peaches, walnuts and cheese.

Tip: to toast walnuts, place on baking sheet in 350F oven for 8-9 min until golden

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