Clean Eating or Educated Eating?

Clean eating? The term is so commonly used now but what does that really mean? A fad? A lifestyle? A hashtag to get more people to see your photos?

‘Clean eating’ should be shorthand for ‘eat lots of fruits and vegetables and less processed food.’

Unfortunately, it’s getting a bit overused as a cleanse type of thing, as in, ‘I need some cleaning eating now… I think you should be ‘eating clean’ all of the time. It’d be pretty neat if the buzzword was ‘educated eating.’

So… What Exactly Is Clean Eating?

A 2014 study published in the journal Food Studies found that buzzwords on packaging — i.e. “organic,” “antioxidants” and “all natural” — proved confusing to a 318-person test pool.

How confusing? The group rated every product that featured a buzzword healthier than the same product without the word on the label. You know, because antioxidant-rich soda is, like, way better for you than normal, rot-your-teeth soda that is void of antioxidant benefits.

The basic tenets of eating healthy (or would it be eating clean, or clean eating — see how confusing it is!) haven’t changed in about a zillion years: Consume fewer processed and fried foods, and eat more fruits and veggies. Two pretty simple rules to follow, right?

Also, munching on too many “clean foods” can still lead to weight gain. Portion control and keeping macros in line with fitness goals is still important.

Some food and health writers have hypothesized that the term “clean eating” has evolved into an elitist way of shaming folks who can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods or don’t have a farmer’s market near their home.

But, what transcends economics for the majority is the lack of understanding about what is and isn’t healthy when it comes to food. Some simplification might be in order: Eat as many whole foods as close to their natural state as possible that you can afford. And pass that message along. #educatedeating

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