5 Reasons You Should Walk More

Taking steps towards good health

You don’t have to do HIIT everyday to get ‘fitter’. Just get up and go for a walk. See your neighborhood, play with the kids, go for a hike, whatever your reason for hitting the pavement, here are 5 more reasons you should take a walk:

1. Walking Aids Digestion
According to research that appeared in The New York Times, a post-meal walk can aid digestion and control blood sugar levels. Alternatively, physically moving away from the dinner table eliminates the possibility of going back for seconds, thirds, or nineteenths.

2. Walking Is Good For Your Bones
You won’t bulk up your quads, hammys, or glutes in the same manner you would by performing load-bearing exercises like barbell squats or deadlifts, but walking still builds strength.

Walking strengthens the legs and core, and improves cardiovascular fitness. In fact, walking strengthens the bones better than biking, swimming, or elliptical training.

3. Walking Is Low Impact
Sometimes our bodies need a break from demanding exercises like burpees, rock star hops, and jump squats. But taking a time out from high-impact movements doesn’t give you permission to become a loafer.

When your goal is to lose weight aim to walk for 20 minutes per day. We’re supposed to be getting 10,000 steps daily, so how long you walk really depends on how active you are and how much you sit.

And on the topic of sitting, use some of those steps to stand up and walk around a little at least once an hour. Prolonged time on your posterior isn’t healthy.

4. Walking Can Improve Your Mood
Sitting all day under florescent lights, dealing with annoying emails and TPS reports as you watch your lunch hour blow past can be both infuriating and stressful. So, go for a walk. Assuming you’re not walking through a methane garden, the new stimuli and fresh air you encounter during a walk can help calm you down and prevent you from Hulking up on your coworkers.

A walk is a great way to clear your head and serve as a form of meditation for today’s anxious society, It’s a fast way to boost mood…and a great way to detox both mentally and physically.

5. Walking Cures Laziness
There’s no excuse not to take a walk. When you don’t feel up to the hardcore, overzealous exercise, walking is a huge victory. Walking keeps our bodies pliable and our joints and muscles loose.

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