5 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Healthy Habits

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“Raising kids is easy!” Said no one ever. But, it’s also incredibly rewarding. We know you work hard to be a role model for your kids. You teach them how to make healthy choices, you show them the importance of being active, and much more. Here are 5 ways you can help your child to learn the importance of eating healthy and being active

1. Exercise In Front of Your Kids
One of the many benefits of working out at home is that your kids can see you pushing yourself, getting sweaty, and reaching for goals. This morning, my daughter got up early and found me downstairs working out. She rolled out her yoga mat and did a few stretches and was my personal cheerleader making sure I didn’t miss a rep. They are watching!

2. Bring Your Kids to the Grocery Store
Healthy eating starts with the food you buy. I get my kids to help pick out some fruit and veggies and load the cart. Sometimes they say ‘no way I’m eating that’ but when we are home and dinner is served I will find them trying the item that they first turned their nose up to. Small steps, especially with picky eaters.

3. Cook with Your Kids
While you may choose to go to restaurants or order takeout from time to time, nothing beats a home-cooked meal. My kids love stirring, mixing, pressing buttons and doing whatever they can to be involved in the prepping process. It gets messy. It takes longer. and you need patience… a lot of it! That’s OK.

4. Pack Healthy Lunches and Snacks
Healthy food helps kids perform their best in school and on the playground! You will be surprised some things they will eat when they are hungry at school and you are not watching them. I pack smaller portions that way if only a nibble or touch happens, it’s not a complete waste.

5. Make Holidays Healthy
Holidays are about family and fun.Here’s where you can break out your Martha Stewart creativity and make fun healthy themes for Halloween and Valentines days. Kids love this stuff!

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