Exercise During Pregnacy


This is often a hot topic and I want to start off by saying that **this by no means overrides what your post-natal provider has said… every body and pregnancy is different**.

OK. I was blessed to have two low risk, fairly straight-forward pregnancies. I worked out through both pregnancies. While I got some ‘looks’ near the end when I was ‘pumping’ weight with a giant baby bump, I listened to my body. I think that is KEY! Some days you feel great, some days you don’t. I never pushed myself further in that ‘athletic mindset’ that I normally would. It just didn’t FEEL right for my body. So I listened.

Now saying that I  was not this fragile flower either!! I did various exercises (weights, cardio and yoga) modified as I went through my pregnancy.

Honestly, I credit my activity levels to quick birth’s (one of them under 2hours not making it to the hospital – awww – that’s another story), more energy, and faster recovery post-partum. Coupled with overall clean nutritious food (yes, I had ice cream sometimes) your setting your child up for a healthy lifestyle before they are even born. Even according to the US National Library of Medicine ‘Researchers that have conducted observational studies report an association of childhood obesity with specific characteristics of pregnancy such as maternal obesity before pregnancy and gestational weight gain’

My sister recently published a book called ‘Your fit Pregnancy’ (where you will also find pictures of me and my beautiful bump). It’s a great comprehensive guide to nutrition and exercise including recipes and work-outs.

For those mama’s out there…Did you work-out during pregnancy? What type of activities did you do?


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