Weekly Meal Prepping

IMG_4068Weekly meal prepping…do you do it? To stick to my clean eating regime and without having the stress of the dreaded ‘dinner time melt-down’,  I have been planning and prepping on Sunday’s for the week ahead. I am an ‘old school’ planner. Like pen and paper type ‘old school’. I plan out my meals, post them on my fridge for the fam to see, then I prep foods where I can. Some common items I make on my prep day are:

  • Almond milk
  • Hummus
  • Hard-boiled eggs or turkey bacon egg cups
  • Quick snack/school lunch items for the kids (bars, muffins, trail-mix, etc.)
  • Whole-grain oat waffles (I stick them in freezer for the kids breky)
  • Washing, cutting and dividing up raw veggies
  • Plus any significant time consuming item(s) I want to try that week. For example, this week I made my own grain-less wraps. More about that on another post.

Well there you have it. Plan. Prep. and Save the STRESS. Yes, spending a couple hours of your Sunday afternoon might seem daunting but that is time and the HANGRY (you know the ‘so hungry that no one can talk to you until I eat something that very second’ feeling) you will save later in the week. Happy prepping!

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