Family Yoga

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Today I did Half and Half harder from BOD (20min cardio and 20min yoga). My 4yr old loves joining me when I do yoga. I think it’s the simple stretching, the fun movements and standing on your hands, feet (and maybe head). I recently saw an article on ‘Why Yoga is Good for kids’ and couldn’t agree more!

Why is Yoga Good for Kids?

Besides the simplicity of practice, the benefits of yoga for children is extensive.  From young children to teenagers, inactive kids to serious athletes, yoga can help:

-Increase concentration

-Lower stress

-Improve body control and awareness

-Reduce risk of injury

I love how mainstream kids yoga has become. My daughter (junior kindergarten) will come home telling me how they did an interactive yoga video at school. Cool.

Being active with my kids is important to our family, whatever that may be (yoga, playing outside, riding bikes, etc.) It’s a ‘win-win’ for all of us. I personally think it teaches kids the importance of being active and how that translates to being good to your body.

What kind of ‘fit’ activities does your family do?

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